• Try to bring your child(ren) into our facility for an initial observation, so they become familiar with their surroundings (it helps them have a visual picture where their day will be spent).

  • When your child first arrives at the center they may cry, so it is best that you leave quickly, but make sure you tell them that you are coming to pick them up.

  • Don’t worry, when surrounded by our caring, professional staff and other children, your child will stop crying as soon as you leave.

  • Make sure that you tell your child that throughout the day you will be thinking about them, and they will have your family photo posted on our classroom’s board so they can constantly see you and know that you are close by.

  • Normal adjustment time is usually 3-4 weeks, so please be patient.

  • Your child can have his/her favorite sleeping toy/blanket during transition and nap time.

    Most importantly, you as a parent, try to relax, because the children can sense stress and it will project on all of the children eventually, they need to and will separate successfully, they just need some time!